Why Me? Now What? (A Personal Journey Through Infertility)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Doing Nothing All Day Sure is Tiring.

When the alarm went off this morning to send me and my husband off to work, I could feel the effects of the Clomid I had taken the night before. I was sooo tired! It's amazing what a little white pill could do to your morning routine!

The day was an uneventful one... other than the splitting headache that seemed to linger from the moment I awoke (surely another result of the damn drugs!), the day pretty much carried on as most do.

What seemed like a perfectly natural decision at the time, has now proven to be more stressful than imagined. We are building a house. Our dream house to be exact. Not that this isn't in itself, stressful enough... but add that to the raging hormones of a woman on Clomid and trying to conceive???? Not Good. It will be a beautiful house... it really will... I have to keep reminding myself of this fact as I beat my head against the wall trying to explain to the architect that YES we DO want a door to the bathroom. Today, we finally received the completed Blue Prints... we could actually be seeing some progress in the near future! At least this gigantic task has helped (somewhat) in keeping my mind off the zillion fears and stresses of this whole fertility thing. Or at least it fights for it's rightful space in the stress department!

After meeting with builder finalizing the details; the exhaustion hit like a ton of bricks. For someone that had done nothing for the majority of the day, how could I be this tired? Thankfully, my hubby made dinner (lasagna to boot!) and let me curl up in front of the TV to unwind. He's amazing that way... and is one of the reasons I feel confident in moving forward with IUI and IVF; knowing that he is so patient and helpful. I am sure I couldn't do it without him! I had barely put my fork down at the end of dinner, when I was out like a light... propped up with all the pillows under-head, there was no awaking me... and my favorite show was just going to have to wait for reruns.


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