Why Me? Now What? (A Personal Journey Through Infertility)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Mathematical Challenges

Ok.... Let's think here. Today is day 3 of this cycle and the 25th of January... SOOOOO if my cycles are normally 28 days, then that would mean my NEXT cycle would start on.. (1,2,3)... February 19th! Ok. So the 19th of February and add another 28 days for my first month off Clomid would take me to.... (let's see here, we can't forget it's a short month)... Ahh the 19th of March. (Is that right?) Ok... then ANOTHER 28 days for the second month off Clomid... (damn I should have pulled out a calculator, or at least my calendar!!!) April 14th... wait let me recount that one.... Nope the 16th of April. NOW... I think she said it averages out at about 7-71/2 weeks for the whole IVF process to lead up to ET (No not the alien... embryo transfer). So that would be about 50 days later. Meaning.... if my math skills haven't failed me, and everything runs on schedule (and let's be honest that hardly ever happens!) We would be looking at having an embryo transfer on June 5th. (I THINK that is right!). Hmmmmm June 5th, let's add that to Microsoft Outlook right now, I would hate to schedule a meeting that day inadvertently. In fact, to be safe, I had better mark that whole week as "Busy-All Day Event". There.... that should do it!

But wait... what is with all those highlighted dates from the 12th-17th... I don't remember seeing those before!!! And then I remembered. "National Sales Meetings" popped boldly up on my screen as I clicked on the date in question. Shit. I was supposed to be flying to Toronto that week. I was supposed to be PRESENTING at this thing... how in the world would this work? Could I fly so soon after the treatments? Would I be wasting the 7 weeks of preparation leading up to the whole thing by hopping on a plane and standing up playing "business woman" for 5 days? How could this be happening???? All the planning... all the math... all the- calm down.

Ok think.

Got It. I would simply call my boss and tell him that I would be unable to attend due to.... ok, maybe that wasn't the best plan. I would HAVE to attend these meetings, there was no way around it. Pulling out the stack of pamphlets & books I had gathered on the issue I scanned quickly for an answer to my gnawing questions. Hmmm... right here on page 134 it reads "1 day bed rest following procedure, then regular duties can resume in moderation. Was that it? Only 1 day of rest? Did it say anything about flying? Well no... it didn't, but I am aware of women that fly across the country for IVF at the clinic and then head home shortly after. Could this have been a false alarm? A short but sudden panic attack brought on by the fear of the unknown? It would be ok... I would still attend my meetings, present the 2006 summer marketing campaign as promised, carry that precious cargo that would be just recently implanted, and be that woman that could "Do it All". As I walked to the office coffee station with a new found optimism, I realized... everything would be alright... just as soon as I completed my "managerial responsibility" of brewing a fresh pot of coffee.


  • Kim, what a great blog! I actually started one myself last week. It is much less eloquant than yours. I was planning on writing a book about this experience but I think you're more suited to that!
    Shannon from FF

    By Blogger Shannon O., at 8:04 AM  

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