Why Me? Now What? (A Personal Journey Through Infertility)

Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Perfectly Uneventful Saturday...

I have never been one to sleep in, but MAN it felt great lying in bed hours before the sun came up. I found myself tightly sandwiched between my husband, who was still snoring; and the cat who had recently taken up sleeping alongside me with this head on my pillow.

When we finally decided to face the day, it was nearly noon and it was time to get some household chores done. Couldn't I have slept for a bit longer???

After 6 loads of laundry, we were off to pick up groceries and then, you guessed it.... another hockey game. (Ok... they are really impressing us... they won AGAIN!)

I know, a boring day by anyone's standards. No clomid headaches, no running around... nothing. But I don't mind. It was kind of nice to have a day where everything went according to plan.


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