Why Me? Now What? (A Personal Journey Through Infertility)

Monday, February 20, 2006

The Witch Is Back

Well.... the dreaded day has arrived. I am no longer spotting, and "Aunt Flo" has decided to stop in for a visit.

I guess my theory that if I didn't keep tampons in the house, would somehow rally the fertility gods into keeping it away was a bust. Good Thing the hubby has gotten used to this foolish idea, and no longer squirms at the thought of stopping on the way home at the drugstore for the required supplies!

So now what? I called into the period hotline for IVF as requested by my doctor... hoping that the 2 month wait will somehow have been shrunk to my immediate acceptance into the program. I know this isn't in the cards though... and I still need time to allow the clomid to leave my system in preparation for all the other nasty drugs I am going to be injecting over the whole process... but still... there has to be SOMETHING that can be done!!!

Needing to feel a "part" of the solution for the next 2 cycles, I have decided to ask my doctor to allow me to continue with IUI to increase my chances, but of course without the drugs. I know that the odds are fairly small with this type of treatment, but it would be something wouldn't it? I mean we will still keep track of my cycle, and get some lovin' in around the right time too... but it's GOT TO help if we get the little guys shot right up there shouldn't it?

I will hear back tomorrow on what they say, and whether they will allow this idea for this cycle... until then, I sit here grumpy, depressed and crampy. I'm really getting tired of this! Why can't I have morning sickness and swollen ankles to complain about????? PLEASE???????


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