Why Me? Now What? (A Personal Journey Through Infertility)

Friday, June 09, 2006

10 Hours and Counting

So the moment has arrived.... my trigger shot is scheduled for 1:00am in the morning.

They are fearing OHSS, since at this morning's blood work, I was registering an estrogen level of 10,089.... they decided because of this fact, to lower my trigger dosage from 10,000 IU to 7,500 IU. I was taught how to use these new types of needles, and am ready to go... with a valium sitting on my bedside table for Saturday night. Sunday, I would wake up and head to the doctor's for my egg retrieval, scheduled for 12 noon.

It's funny... throughout this process we give ourselves "moments" to hang onto... dates, that signify getting through one stage and moving to the next. It's what keeps me feeling like I am accomplishing things, like the end is near, and like I am doing ok.

This moment in this journey signifies a big turn in the road, it is the start of the end... "trigger"... it's an appropriate word. At One O'Clock in the morning, I will trigger this next chapter in my life.


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