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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Embie 1 & 2 are Home Safe

Well, we did it!!!!

Yesterday was busy.... to busy for me... I would have rather spent the day relaxing and staying calm... but these embies are going to have to realize, that just isn't me!

We finished making the house "show home perfect" since this Saturday we are having an open house, and our home is officially on the market as of this morning. Mike ran and picked up some flowers to re-fill the front flower beds, and got a couple cedar trees to place at the entrance of the garage; both to boost our curb appeal. We finished up just in time to run out the door for acupuncture! Seeing Leslie was great, she was an instant reminder that today was about ME, and that it was time to let go of the hustle and bustle of the morning, and focus on the task at hand.

It was nice... laying there in the darkness simply "being" for 40 minutes, preparing my body for the next hours. Nora Jones softly played in the background, and I lay there thinking about the wonders that would soon take place.

Moments later (or what seemed like moments), I was walking out the door and in through the doors of the clinic for the moment we had waited for.

Mike got booties... he was so excited... between those and the papercap made him feel like a doctor. I think he actually thought for a moment that he could do the procedure!!! I downed to bottles of water as per the nurse's instructions, and away we went!

As soon as we walked into the procedure room, the embryologist came out to talk to us. She was smiling from ear to ear... SURELY a good sign! She said that our embryos were in a word "stunning". Apparently, as of 9:30am the 2 embryos that were to be placed back in my uterus for a 9 month stay were perfect Grade A 8 cell embies! Moments before coming out to talk to us, she double checked them and discovered that they had divided significantly and were looking even more beautiful than they had first hoped. She said genetically, they were as perfect as they see through the clinic. WOW.... now, it was all up to me and my body that would determine how successful we would be, what a lot of pressure. She then went on to talk about our remaining 10 embryos... had they survived to freeze? The answer was yes! The incredible news, was that these 10 embryos were also also Grade A, 8-12 cell frosties! Could this be possible? How were we so lucky... please don't let our luck run out early.

The transfer was actually quite uneventful, we were sent home with photos of both the embryos alone in the petri dish and one of them in their new home deep inside my uterus. It was kind of like when you go to the theme park and survive the rollercoaster, and there at the end is a picture of you with your mouth open and your eyes closed, to commemorate the event.

Our First "baby pictures"... please let that be true.

So our Beta is scheduled for June 29th, Mike's Birthday. I'm not sure how we are expected to wait that long, and I am sure I will pull out the pregnancy tests well before then, but I think it is kind of interesting that my birthday commemorated the first day I took medication for this IVF cycle, and Mike's birthday would be the day we would know if it worked.

All through this process it seems things have aligned themselves so perfectly, I'm just scared that this has lead us to have false hope and higher than healthy expectations. I must work on staying grounded and honest about what lies ahead.

Last night I admit, I over did it just a bit. The RE didn't want me rushing home to bed, but rather, wanted me to keep moving... in order to keep the blood flow rolling. He of course gave strict instructions to not do anything that induced a sweat, lift anything more than 10 pounds, or over exert myself for the next 2 weeks. But by the time my head hit the pillow last night at 10pm, I realized that once we left the clinic we barely slowed down at all. We first headed back to my second acupuncture appointment, then back home with a final meeting with our realtor to sign the paperwork and place the signs on our front lawn. Then we went out for dinner... grabbed a couple groceries, and finally came home exhausted.

I need to learn to slow down... I have to much at stake now. Today I plan on resting, feet up and guilt free.


  • I hope everything continues to go well for you and your embies, and the OHSS stays far, far away.

    Best of luck!

    By Blogger Hopeful Mother, at 1:10 PM  

  • I hope that the OHSS stays far away as well. Things look extremely promising! :o)

    By Blogger Crystal, at 10:02 PM  

  • Sounds like you have the best embryos ever! One thing confused me - did they test them genetically? It's just that you mentioned they said they were genetically pefect...

    By Blogger Thalia, at 2:06 PM  

  • To respond to Thalia's post... I simply re-itterated what the embryologist said at our ET meeting. I know that if I would have pushed, she likely would have downgraded her excitement, but what she meant... or at least what we took from her comment was, that now adays embryologists can have a sense on how the embryo is genetically sound, based on fragmentation, shape, size, dividing time etc. These are all the parameters that are used at my clinic to grade embryos, and are also considered the genetic indicators. I dont believe they did any special tests on them, but then again I wasnt in the lab for the 3 days leading up to my transfer, so I cant be certain. All I was stating was what the embryologist shared with us! I agree... it may be overly optimistic, but I was thrilled that she was as excited as we were with the results!

    By Blogger Hope Floats, at 3:48 PM  

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