Why Me? Now What? (A Personal Journey Through Infertility)

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Aches and Pains

It has been over a week now since seeing that undeniably beautiful Big Fat Positive... and 3 blood tests later, all confirming that my hormone levels are where they should be, and that my pregnancy is tracking as expected.... I find myself realizing that all this pregnancy business sure isn't glamorous.

It started almost immediately. The changes to my body I mean... the bloating from the chest down made me feel frumpy from day 1, and at only 5 weeks pregnant I already was having a hard time fitting into my pants. So much so, that a trip to Gap Maternity was in order to purchase a couple pairs of pants that could hide my "state" from my co-workers at the office. This bloating was not only unattractive, but painful, as there was a constant pain shooting at the base of my rib cage from morning 'til night. At first I thought this was what everyone felt when announcing they were officially pregnant, but after some sleepless nights wreathing in pain with every full breathe, I learned from my doctor's nurse that this was in fact a symptom of the Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome I had tried so hard to keep at bay. Thankfully I haven't been forced into bed rest, and there isn't a TON they can do to ease my discomfort... I simply look like a bloated whale. The worst part, is that at just 7 weeks pregnant, it is still to early to share the news of my pregnancy with others, but my odd shape has definitely raised some eyebrows!

So with each toss and turn... we wait.... hoping that Monday, our Wedding Anniversary & the date of our first ultrasound, will bring good news that will allow me to breathe a little easier; at least on the inside.